Malice in Fable Legends

Pirate Engineer in Fracture Space

Waleran in Pillars of the Earth ep1

The Earl of Shiring in Pillars of The Earth

Franks/Ettin in Vikings

Narrator in Frozenbyte

Unit Commander in SS4

Carla Adult Male in Horizon

Patient in Delirium

Brogan in Shadow Tactics

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The Earl of Shiring, imprisoned in Pillars of The Earth
The Innkeeper - Franz Lohner in Vermintide
Various Characters in Vermintide

Giselbart in Dwarves

Constable/Captain Hardy in Bastei

Various in Deponia 4

Various in Shadwen: Trailing Shadows

Beastmaster/Knight in Settlers

WH Male in Unspecified Project

Luca Volodin in ANNO 6

Innkeeper in Vermintide

Inn-Keeper in Warhammer End Times

Narrator in Warhammer

Bartholemew in Pillars of The Earth

Roy Whitewater in Jesus Series 15

Various Characters in Blackguards 2

Goldl / Officer Sandford / Jacob Freud in John Sinclair

Various Characters in Dungeons 2
Wolfman in Arenas of Fate

Knight in Settlers

Various Characters in SO6

Various Characters in BOUT 2

Various Characters in Rise of Venice

Chemistry Book in Randall's Monday

Various in Characters in Transformers Universe

Cogwheel / Sir Nigel in ACE 2

Various Characters in Broken Sword

Various Characters in Risen 3

Various in Last of The Fallen

Big Vamp in Vampires or Black Cloth
Trailervoice sample: Vermintide Warhammer End Times

Computer Game Voices

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