Tuesday 13th December 2017

I'm now back at home in London for the rest of this year before starting rehearsals on January 29th for Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em written and directed by Guy Unsworth which tours the UK in 2018. 

This month, I've managed to squeeze in a couple of ELT sessions with my old chums at D-Sound, Utopia Village including a recording of The Story of Othello for Oxford University Press and some ADR on a hilarious new film about football Early Man directed by Nick Park and re-voicing a character called Ben in a German Television series called Darmspieglung into english.

The episode of Endeavour series 5 I filmed in June will be shown early next year and as I write this, my next musical offering, a solo acoustic guitar instrumental album entitled Moonbathing is being mixed by Tom Bainbridge at RealDeal Studious, Cambridge.

I am so appreciative of how busy Niki, Faye, Mithra, Lawrence, David, Dom and Jensen at Wintersons have kept me and I look forward to continuing a very happy, productive and fruitful professional relationship with Niki and her team. My voice work will still be managed by myself at this site and via the usual direct contact shown at the foot of this page.
In the meantime, I remain yours truly, like most freelancers, at the beck and call of the laptop: dspvox@gmail.com and the telephone:  07930 335715. 

Best wishes, David
There is now a DVD available of our production of James Phillips' McQueen - it was a very special few months at the St. James Theatre and I'll never forget the fun we had.
The Man Who Knew Infinity is now available on DVD - I had two days in wonderful company and a masterclass opportunity to witness Jeremy Irons negotiating three props - umbrella, brief-case and letter -  in a long tracking shot with about a page and a half of dialogue. 

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Moonbathing will be released in Spring next year
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